Electrical Services

We perform all manner of electrical repairs, Ethernet cabling, phone cabling, and other electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial locations. When you are looking for the finest electrician and electrical contractor in Bastrop, TX and the local areas, look no further than All Communities Electric!

commercial electrician services

Commercial Electric

If you are a business owner and experience an issue, just let us provide the solution! Don't let an electrical problem jeopardize the safety of your employees or customers. We can have it sorted out in no time!

new bubild electrician service

Residential Electric

Have you found electrical damage or experienced a malfunction in your house's system, or you have reason to suspect a problem? Don't hesitate, let us know right away! Don't tamper with it either; never let anyone but a skilled electrician handle those issues. Better safe than sorry! Whatever the problem is, we will arrive promptly and fix it with care.

industrial electrician services

Industrial Electric

If you've got a factory, warehouse or other heavy duty site, we know exactly what to do! Electrical problems at an industrial site are generally the most dangerous variety, and we can help you ensure the safety of your personnel. Just let us know what the problem is, and we'll handle it in the safest manner possible.​